Staff Members

Bonnie and Mark Barnes, FAANs

CEO and Chairman
Biographical Statement


Tena Barnes Carraher

Co-founder, Vice President 
Marketing & Communications
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Melissa Barnes

Vice President Operations

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Christina Johnson

Regional Program Director- International
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Janet Silvestri

Regional Program Director - Mid-Atlantic

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Kara Ellis

Regional Program Director - South Central
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Alex Schoen

Regional Program Director - Northeast
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Kate Ananson

Regional Program Manager - West
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Julie Blonk

Regional Program Manager - Southeast
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Jacqueline Park

Regional Program Manager- Midwest

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Lisa Flaherty

Regional Program Coordinator - Mid-Atlantic

Meaghan Kapinos

Regional Program Coordinator - South Central and West

Faith Thomas

Regional Program Coordinator - Midwest
Spotlight Editor

Dawn Filipovich

Regional Program Coordiantor- Northeast

John Reynolds

Shipping Manager (with assistants Waffles and Max)

Dana Love

Spotlight Editor

Erin Ascher

Executive Assistant

Peter Maher

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Baldwin


Chelsea Moise

Regional Program Manager- Northwest

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Laura Woodward

Regional Program Coordinator- Northwest and International

Manuel Lopez

Shipping Assistant

Rebecca Blay

Regional Program Coordinator- South Central