Nurse Leader Award

For over 20 years, The DAISY Foundation has been recognizing the compassion and skill direct care Nurses bring to their patients every day. Over 167,000 Nurses have received The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses in 5,000+ healthcare facilities and schools of nursing internationally. The executive leaders, middle managers, educators and preceptors who supervise these outstanding Nurses often do not consider their roles as eligible for The DAISY Award. However, they fully support recognition for their direct care staff as they deeply appreciate and respect the care that Staff Nurses provide. These leaders also understand the value of celebrating the impact staff have on patients and their families through on-going meaningful recognition.

Who is Eligible?

Each DAISY Partner organization that wishes to honor Nurse Leaders determines which leaders are eligible (e.g. managers, assistant managers, directors, charge nurses, educators, chief nursing officers, preceptors, informatics nurses, patient flow nurses, etc.).

Why Honor Compassion in Nurse Leadership?

As the healthcare landscape becomes more complex, with increasing demands on Nurse Leaders, we believe that those who create an environment of compassion and recognition for others strongly deserve to be recognized themselves. With recognition, they may be held up as models of outstanding nursing leadership. Despite working under tremendous pressure, through their leadership, these Nurse Leaders provide a haven of safety for staff, both physically and emotionally. In this environment, Nurses are inspired to do their very best by Nurse Leaders who role-model caring behaviors. These leaders provide a setting where compassion is valued, and staff, in turn, treat patients and their families with deep humanity. Additionally, if you have not viewed the recent longitudinal study that Joslin Marketing did for AONL, please download our webinar presentation about it here. The research highlights why nurse manager recognition is critical right now.

The DAISY Foundation is dedicated to recognizing all the “right” that Nurses do, and compassionate leadership is indeed “right.” With a DAISY recognition program for Nurse Leaders, we put a public spotlight on the impact their unique brand of leadership has on their staff and the patient care they manage.

How It Works

The DAISY Nurse Leader Award gives staff, patients, and families a way to express their gratitude for the compassionate environment Nurse Leaders provide. In organizations that partner with The DAISY Foundation, there are two ways to collect nominations:

  • If you currently get DAISY Award nominations for nurse managers, charge nurses, nurse educators, senior leaders, preceptors, etc., separate these from your nomination "pool," and hold them for your annual, bi-annual or quarterly leadership award.
  • Once a year (or more frequently), issue an internal call for nominations to your staff. Please find a sample nomination form in the resource center.

As with The DAISY Award for direct care Nurses, the nominations call for stories and examples of how leaders make a difference in patient care by making a difference through their leadership. The selection process is blinded, ensuring the fairness and integrity of the program.

Selection criteria

It is important that the criteria for selecting Nurse Leader Honorees be consistent with the values and culture of each organization and The DAISY Foundation. We ask that each DAISY Partner organization that wishes to honor Nurse Leaders determine which leaders are eligible (e.g. managers, assistant managers, directors, charge nurses, educators, chief nursing officers, preceptors, informatics nurses, patient flow nurses, etc.). Furthermore, each DAISY Partner organization’s DAISY Committee will develop specific criteria for selecting Nurse Leader Honorees from among those nominated. Examples of criteria might be:

  • Role model for compassion and exemplary practice
  • Role models behavior perceived as extraordinary
  • Creates an environment that fosters care compassion
  • Creates an environment where attributes of trust, compassion, mutual respect, continued professional development and ethical behavior are modeled and supported
  • Motivates staff with a shared vision and enthusiasm to achieve better outcomes for themselves and for their patients
  • Is a mentor to staff
  • Accessible, available and responsive to the needs of others, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving for individuals and with the context of teams
  • Promotes and enhances the image of nursing within the organization, the community and the profession

Presenting the Award

DAISY presentations are meant to be joyful occasions. We propose that the presentation take place in a location that allows for recipients to be surrounded and celebrated by their staff and their own leadership team. The recognition ceremony, coordinated by the DAISY Committee, may be done as a surprise for the recipient. Watch a short video of a DAISY Nurse Leader Award by clicking here.

Gifts to each Nurse Leader Honoree include: DNLA Healer's Touch

  • a special DAISY Nurse Leader certificate in a DAISY Foundation portfolio
  • a specially-designed DAISY recognition pin
  • a unique Healer’s Touch sculpture, designated for Nurse Leaders

The Honorees and their stories of compassionate leadership will be registered with The DAISY Foundation and shared on the DAISY website for all to see and learn from.

We will also include 10 nominee pins in your order so you can recognize your nurse leaders who were nominated for the Award. Additional nominee pins can be purchased in the Resource Center if needed.

Please join us…

We hope you will add your Nurse Leaders to your DAISY recognition program, and honor the extraordinary work they do to support staff, in the provision of compassionate and skillful care for patients and their families. Surely, Nurse Leaders deserve to know the powerful impact they make in your organization.

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