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Industry Partners

The DAISY Foundation is a 501(c)3, and we are grateful for the support of companies who share our passion for the work nurses do every day. If you are interested in helping us by becoming a national corporate sponsor, please contact Each of our sponsorship relationships is tailored to provide mutual benefit to the Foundation and the sponsor, and we would be most interested in discussing a relationship with you.

DAISY Award Program Sponsors

If you have had a great experience with the nurses in a hospital and would like to express your gratitude to them, please consider sponsoring The DAISY Award at that facility. We will ensure that the nurses are well-aware of your generosity and, if you would like, we will credit your donation on all DAISY Award materials for that facility.

Similarly, if you are graduate of a school of nursing and want to sponsor The DAISY Faculty Award, we would be happy to work with your alma mater.

For more information about becoming a Program Sponsor, please email

DAISY Ambassador Program

If you are a DAISY Nurse Honoree or DAISY Coordinator and wish to share your DAISY experiences with other healthcare professionals click here to become a DAISY Ambassador or Meet our DAISY Ambassadors.