DAISY Award Offerings

As we have grown, so have our gratitude to nurses and our recognition offerings. DAISY is proud to honor nurses wherever they practice, in whatever role they serve, and throughout their careers.

Participating organizations partners may add to their on-going individual nurse recognition program these additional offerings. Click on the links below to jump directly to any section.

-Direct Care
-Nurse Leader
-Lifetime Achievement
-Health Equity
-Nursing Ethics
-Nurse Educators
-Nursing Students
Direct Care

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses

Nurses every day go above and beyond to not only provide patients and families with excellence in clinical care but also compassion. At The DAISY Foundation, we aim to honor them by showing our profound gratitude for all that they do. The DAISY Award is a recognition program to celebrate and recognize nurses by collecting nominations from patients, families, and co-workers. It is run by our partners as a way to thank nurses for the care and kindness they provide. Honorees receive a DAISY Certificate in a portfolio, a DAISY Honoree pin, and a Healer's Touch sculpture that was hand-carved in Zimbabwe. Learn more here.

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Nurse-Led Teams

The DAISY Team Award

The DAISY Team Award is designed to honor collaboration by two or more people, led by a nurse, who identify and meet patient and/or patient family needs by going above and beyond the traditional role of Nursing. The DAISY Team Award complements your ongoing DAISY Award program. Nominations can come from staff or a patient/family and are reviewed and selected by your DAISY Committee.  The team receives a custom plaque, and each member gets a certificate. Four portfolios and four Team Award pins are included in the package, and additional may be purchased for larger teams. Learn More here.

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Nurse Leaders

The DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurse Leaders

DAISY created this award to celebrate nurses who lead with compassion, mentor their teams, and foster an environment of compassionate care. You may define what a leader means in your organization, providing a way for any nurse who impacts the patient experience to be eligible for DAISY recognition. For example Nurse Educators, Preceptors, Informatics Nurses, and Patient Flow Nurses.

Nominations may come from co-workers or a patient/family. Nominations are reviewed, and the DAISY Committee selects Honorees. Recipients receive a Nurse Leader Award Certificate/Portfolio, Nurse Leader Award Pin, and stylized Healerʼs Touch. Learn more here.

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Lifetime Achievement

The DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award

This Award was created to recognize those nurses who have devoted their life's work to the compassionate care of others. Recipients of this award are nominated for their dedication to nursing through outstanding leadership, active mentoring, role modeling, advocating for their patients, and promoting the positive image of nursing. They serve as a beacon of inspiration to those at all stages of their careers and in the various and important roles of nursing. Recipients receive a certificate and portfolio, a beautiful Lifetime Achievement Award pin (designed by renowned jewelry designer Ann Hand), and a unique Healer's Touch sculpture mounted on a personalized plaque. Learn more here.

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Health Equity

The DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity

There is evidence that demonstrates health disparities exist in the United States and across the globe, impacted by the social determinants of health. There is also evidence that shows racism to be a public health issue. The DAISY Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity was created to honor nurses whose work advances health equity, mitigating health disparities caused by social determinants of health.

Honorees of this Award receive a DAISY Health Equity Award certificate in a DAISY
Foundation portfolio, a DAISY Honoree pin, and a Healer's Touch sculpture. Team Honorees receive a plaque and each team member receives a team pin. Learn more here.

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Nursing Ethics

The DAISY Award for Nursing Ethics

The DAISY Award for Nursing Ethics, developed in collaboration with the American Nurses Association’s Center for Ethics and Human Rights, recognizes nurse leaders and clinical nurses whose leadership, compassion, and clinical practice demonstrate the importance of human values and ethics in nursing. Recipients of this award receive a DAISY Nursing Ethics certificate in a DAISY Foundation portfolio, a DAISY Ethics Honoree pin, and a Healer's Touch sculpture. Learn more here.

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Nurse Educators

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurse Educators  (Formerly The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty)

The Nurse Educator Award was created to honor every nurse educator for their inspirational influence on the Nurses of today and tomorrow- across the education continuum in academic and practice settings. Nursing schools are where faculty and instructors launch the careers of undergraduates and advance the skills of graduate students. In healthcare organizations, clinical educators, nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners, and preceptors ensure that students, new graduates, and nurses transitioning into specialty practice are competent and confident in their skills. These educators also keep clinicians updated on evidence-based practice. Nominations in the academic setting typically come from students, alumni, or other colleagues. In the clinical setting, nominations come from internal staff who have been impacted by their teaching and mentoring. Nurse Educator Honorees receive a certificate, a Nurse Educator pin, and a Healer’s Touch Sculpture. Learn more here.

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Nursing Students

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students

Nursing School is… challenging, overwhelming, and rewarding.  It requires a passionate commitment to caring for others, sacrifice, and excellent time management skills. Students are acquiring skills that will impact the life and health of others; mastery is all they will accept. Nursing school is competitive.  The pressures associated with class load, clinicals, exams, and job availability can make it easy for students to lose sight of the art of caring while learning the science of nursing.

And yet they don't.  Students with a true calling to nursing never lose sight of the fact that they are treating a human being who needs all the sensitivity and compassion they can bring to them while they are in the height of emotion and most vulnerable.

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students was created to recognize and celebrate nursing students for the above-and-beyond care and compassion shown to patients and their families. Recipients receive a Student Award Certificate in a DAISY Foundation Portfolio, Student Honoree Pin, and a smaller Healerʼs Touch sculpture. Learn more here.

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