Melissa Barnes

Melissa Barnes is the sister-in-law of J. Patrick Barnes, married to his younger brother, Adam Barnes. She joined The DAISY Foundation in 2011 and serves as the Vice President of Operations. Melissa works with systems, hospitals and schools of nursing by providing information, resources, and support to those that are interested in learning more about DAISY or to those that are already DAISY partners organizations. She is a resource to those interested in learning more about our mission and program offerings. She provides guidance, support and best practice ideas to existing DAISY organizations, helping them ensure their program is high quality and meeting their goals.
Melissa has over 30 years of experience in customer service-based organizations. She has an English as a Second Language Teaching Certificate and a Certificate in Human Resources from the University of Washington.
Melissa and her husband are actively remodeling their house for the past ten years while raising three wonderful children.