Voices of DAISY

We get so many beautiful emails and letter describing what The DAISY Award means to our Hospital Partners and DAISY Nurses. Here is a sampling of them:

  • "When we work with the people we care about, while doing the work we love, our health improves. Nursing is a gift to the world of human caring.  The DAISY Award embraces that caring BACK to the passionate NURSE. That is what DAISY is all about to me - giving back!"

    Karen Allen, RN, BSN, MSN, CNA
    DAISY Nurse Leader
    VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, WA
  • “I love reading through the nominations from patients and families validating the great care we deliver at MH-TMC. Our monthly presentations are exciting and our winners are so humble. I am so proud to work side by side with such nursing partners!”

    Virginia Earley, MSN, RN, CMSRN
    Director of Professional Nursing Practice, Former DAISY Coordinator
    Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX
  • “The DAISY Award was a wonderful award to receive because it rewarded me for providing compassionate care to my patients. This award is very special because it is not about my degree or academic achievements. The DAISY Award is about how I care for my patients and shows that my patient's family and my co-workers see how much I love to care for others.”

    Christi Duerksen, RN
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
    Sanford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls, SD
  • "It is a joy and privilege to serve as our DAISY Coordinator and true blessing to be a part of such a remarkable program which recognizes nurses for the compassionate care they provide each and every day – not because they are directed to; but because it is who they are and because of the passion they share for their fellow man. A DAISY nurse is an extraordinary nurse because they keep the focus on the patient and family; maintaining the humanistic reality of nursing in focus. I have had the honor of meeting the Barnes family and hosting Tena as a guest presenter during one of our DAISY celebrations; all are truly amazing individuals who have impacted nursing far beyond what they can even imagine - what a blessing for our profession and a beautiful tribute to Patrick."

    Jody Collins, MSN, RN
    DAISY Coordinator
    Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital, The Woodlands, TX
  • "I am so grateful for the recognition I received as I strive to care with the utmost compassion. It definitely brought tears to my eyes to hear how appreciated I am by the families I care for and my coworkers, who support me during harder days."

    Morgan Brown, RN, BSN
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
    UnityPoint Health-Des Moines Blank Children's Hospital, Des Moines, IA
  • At our hospital, there is already a strong caring base. We start every meeting with a story of caring. With the addition of The DAISY Award, we are never without a caring story. All the nominations come to me first before I send them to the Council that runs the program. I carry them around in a notebook so I always have a story. DAISY fits our philosophy and Jean Watson’s Caring Theory perfectly.

    Jennifer Blank, RN
    Assistant Vice President
    Winter Haven Hospital
  • I just wanted to share with her how important the DAISY Award is.....what we get in nominations brings tears to the eyes of staff who help us review them. At the presentations, there isn't a dry eye in the room....yet nurses don't see what they do as "special". Consistently they say it's just what they do, not unusual. Your award lets them KNOW it is special. Thank you so much for creating the DAISY Award! Our staff are touched by it!

    Cheryl Meyer, MSN, RN, CCRN
    Magnet Program Coordinator
    Robert Packer Hospital
  • "It is a great honor to be a DAISY Honoree. Having this prestigious award shows that one not only cares for patients but cared for another human being. Not all nursing skills can be learned by reading a book or learning a skill. This award embodies what is means to truly be a Nurse."

    Laura Allard, RN, BSN, EMT -B, I/C
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • "Every day we have multiple opportunities to recognize nursing excellence but in our busy schedules and fast paced environments, we fail to do so. It is privilege to use the DAISY award to help us focus on this important aspect of our practice--celebrating nurses who provide compassionate, sensitive, and evidence based care to patients and families. It is a joy and a privilege to help orchestrate and support our DAISY award program here and to tell the story of its creation at each of our award ceremonies."

    Margie Sipe, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
    DAISY Coordinator
    Nursing Performance Improvement Innovator
  • “To me The DAISY Award is the most significant award granted to a nurse. It is the one recognition that exemplifies the true meaning of nursing which cannot be measured by technical skill or by formal education but by the true essence of nursing, the "thing" that makes a nurse so special, the reasons why a person decides to become a nurse the "thing" you cannot identify but you can feel.”

    Donna Sherrill, RN, BSN, MM, NE-BC
    Former DAISY Coordinator
    Director of Maternal Child Health
  • “Every awarding of the DAISY is special. I most enjoy the symbolism and global connection with the Healer's touch.”

    Rosemary Hoffman, RN
    DAISY Coordinator
    Clinical Nursing Specialist -OBS
  • “As a DAISY Coordinator it is an honor to help recognize the important work our nurses do each day, and the way they individually touch the lives of our patients' and their families.”

    Karen Delorenzo, RN, MSN, CHCR
    DAISY Coordinator
    Director Nursing Recruitment & Retention
  • “I am proud to be a DAISY Honoree because it is validation of the work I do every day, work that sometimes goes unnoticed.”

    Ellen Pateman, MSN, RN, CNL
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • “I love having the tools and resources that DAISY gives me to recognize the extraordinary care that the nurses at Rutland Regional provide.”

    Jody Lester, BSN
    DAISY Coordinator
    Manager of Nursing Excellence and Magnet Program Coordinator
  • Receiving my DAISY Award was such a humbling experience. I was absolutely shocked and speechless! I was born to be a nurse and nursing is my passion. To be honored by patients and families, as well as celebrated by administration and colleagues is an extraordinary experience! I had the ability to thank Mark and Bonnie Barnes in person at an ANCC Conference which is one of the highlights of my career. To be parents that turn their deepest loss into a positive experience honoring nurses internationally speaks volumes for the type of people they are. I am honored to be part of the DAISY family.

    Deborah Matthews
    DAISY Nurse Honoree
  • "I first learned of DAISY when I was working in the NICU at Inova FFX Hospital. I remember feeling overwhelmed, and rather impressed that a national organization awarded nurses for doing what just comes natural. Compassion, for without it, one might not consider nursing as a profession. DAISY awards fill the proverbial 'empty tank' that often comes with endless hours of caring for patients. MANY years later, I was privileged to work in an organization that started the Magnet Journey. It was at my first conference I saw that oh so familiar DAISY logo, and once again my heartstrings were pulling. "Wow" I said to myself, I love that flower award! Gratefully, my CNE was more than happy to have me bring DAISY to our organization, which is a Planetree designated facility, which mirrors DAISY efforts.

    Three years later, I watched the faces of the directors, senior management, and the nurses that are honored with this award. There are really no words to express how it feels to be recognized by leadership for what they thought was "their job". I could go on about DAISY endlessly, but I am sure this little text box will eventually stop me, so I will end with this........for me, caring for patients with skill and compassion is my honor, not my job, but knowing DAISY exists gives me an opportunity to realize that what we do is 'Super Human"

    Dianna Fanning, RN
    DAISY Coordinator