Jackie Gonzales, ARNP, MSN, CNAA,BC, FAAN

I have to tell you how thrilled I am that we have been involved with the DAISY Award & Foundation. I have been so fortunate to attend most all of the presentations to the nurses who have received them. You put it so well, that they are often surprised that they are being acknowledged for what they see that they do every day. My staff nurses are my own everyday heroes. The DAISY Award instills pride, improves morale and allows the important stories of nurses to be told. What you … have been able to accomplish is no less than phenomenal. I think you are Patrick's earth angels to carry a very important message and mission. I am so proud that we have been associated with the DAISY Foundation.... Forever, I am willing to continue to support this effort in any way. Thank you for being a part of our MCH life, and I wish you only so many more good things for the future.

Position Title
Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer
Healthcare Organization
Miami Children’s Hospital