Robert Iseman, RN

My name is Robert Iseman and I am a RN.  I have been recently chosen for the DAISY Award for the month of Nov., nominated by a co-worker for care that I give my patients.  I just wanted to let you know how honored and truly blessed I am to be chosen for this wonderful award. It really touched my heart to be recognized for a wonderful award. Getting this award is very humbling, and it makes you feel appreciated in a job where you are recognized for the care you give patients rather from a hospital stand point where you have to meet quotas and numbers.  If it was not for our patients we would not be able to show that compassionate care we give from the heart.  If you could please thank the Barnes family for making it possible to receive an award of this caliber.  

Position Title
DAISY Honoree
Healthcare Organization
Pardee Hospital, Hendersonville, NC