Danielle Muratore, RN

I am a registered nurse at Mercy Medical Center (Merced) in the ER. I also dabble in oncology, telemetry, and the ICU. I love being a nurse. I love making people’s day brighter. I also love helping families heal, and being there to lean on during the hardest times of their lives. Today I was blessed with the honor of receiving the Daisy award. The joy and gratitude I felt being honored is unmatched to anything else I’ve experienced in life. In my mind, I’m just doing my job; however, it feels amazing to be recognized by patients and their families. I know I’m making a difference to others, and that’s all I need to know. I wanted to truly thank you for all that you do. I will wear my DAISY pin with the utmost pride, and will continue making a difference for others. I shed a tear while eating my cinnamon roll. Patrick would be so proud to see what you’re doing for nurses. Thank you.

Healthcare Organization
Mercy Medical Center