Karen Hyden

To be Nationally recognized for doing a job that I love was such a great honor. As a fairly new nurse, I had only been working in traumatic brain injury for a little over a year when I was presented with The DAISY Award. The opportunity to be a part of a patient's recovery after brain trauma is truly a humbling experience-witnessing patients achieve the impossible everyday is extremely motivational and inspires passion in my nursing practice. 
The DAISY Award is a way to recognize exceptional people in the nursing field. This fosters a positive morale and creates standards of excellence for others to follow. It is easy to follow a nursing leader that is passionate about their practice-it inspires vision, motivates team members, creates unity, and is very contagious!

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Position Title
DAISY Nurse Honoree
Program Name
Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn

Dearborn, MI
United States