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Paula Cox

As a DAISY Coordinator, I make our ceremonies extra special by providing each DAISY Honoree with their own personalized needlework bookmark for all three hospitals: Bridgton Hospital, Central Maine Healthcare, and Rumford Hospital.
I have been nationally recognized by the DAISY Foundation through their Pinterest page for my bookmarks.
It is my extreme pleasure to show our hospital's appreciation for each and every DAISY Honoree in this special gift. It touches my heart and is very rewarding.
Honorees have expressed their sincere thanks and gratefulness for their personalized bookmark.
It gives me immense joy to be part of such an amazing program honoring nurses through the DAISY Foundation. This has truly become my passion!

Deborah Ayres-Harding

So blessed that when God designed the plans for my life that he decided that I would be a DAISY Nurse Leader Honoree representing love and excellence for all.

Kimberly Barnes

It is truly an honor to co-lead the DAISY Award committee. I love sharing the presentation story of Mr. Patrick Barnes and his family’s appreciation for the compassion and care of nurses. We make sure that the Honoree is surprised and I can’t tell you how much joy it is to see the expression of shock and tears of the Honoree at hearing they received this reward. It is my pleasure to participate in recognizing the extraordinary care and rewarding work of nurses here at the Erie VA Medical Center. Thank You DAISY Foundation for the DAISY Award Program and opportunity to be able to provide a little “happy” moment for our nurses!

Melody Cubas

Being a DAISY Awardee is an awesome and unforgettable experience. It felt like receiving my “Emmy Award” in the nursing profession. This is a re-affirmation of my commitment to providing excellent care full of kindness and compassion to my patients and families. Being recognized for going above and beyond, for being an inspiration for what I perceive as ordinary work is extraordinary and truly beyond words. I wear the DAISY pins everyday with pride and honor. It reminds me that I am not just a nurse, but an extraordinary one.

Debbie Zahren Edwards

I am a patient advocate first and foremost. It was humbling and special to be honored by my patients. It is very rewarding to be able to be a positive influence in someone's life.

Carlene Enama

DAISY is the most well-run Nurse Recognition Program available.  The mission of DAISY brings J. Patrick Barnes to life for everyone.  It is an honor to be associated with the vision and passion for recognition of nursing that is DAISY.  The tears we shed when we read the story are turned to huge smiles as we follow the DAISY program and spread the gift of recognition.  

Shelby Sloan

The DAISY Award provides the means for a patient, family, visitor, staff member, or anyone in the hospital setting to recognize a nurse for their extraordinary care. Every day, I work with nurses who always think that they are "Just doing my job," however their efforts leave a long standing impression on someone in need. This award empowers our nurses and lets them know that their efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. This award has been a blessing to our hospital and I look forward to seeing it evolve through the years.

Renee Kramer

Look in the mirror every day to reflect on the person you are in life!

Karen Hyden

To be Nationally recognized for doing a job that I love was such a great honor. As a fairly new nurse, I had only been working in traumatic brain injury for a little over a year when I was presented with The DAISY Award. The opportunity to be a part of a patient's recovery after brain trauma is truly a humbling experience-witnessing patients achieve the impossible everyday is extremely motivational and inspires passion in my nursing practice. 
The DAISY Award is a way to recognize exceptional people in the nursing field. This fosters a positive morale and creates standards of excellence for others to follow. It is easy to follow a nursing leader that is passionate about their practice-it inspires vision, motivates team members, creates unity, and is very contagious!

Helen Haddick

Winning the DAISY Award truly was a defining moment in my nursing career.