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Pamela Martin

I'm so grateful and full of joy for the DAISY Award!  Being a nurse is my passion and to care for others is so rewarding.  I have my Award Portfolio and Healing Hand Sculpture on my Cocktail table and I wear my pin and button on my Favorite Scrub Jacket.  I'm really hoping I can be a service to the foundation!!

Beena Maret

Being recognized as a DAISY Award honoree is a great accomplishment in the life of a nurse.

Christopher Otto

Helping to bring the DAISY Award Program to my institution has been one of the highlights of my time on the Professional Nurse Council. I feel so blessed to have been a part of the recognition and celebration of so many of my colleagues and the extraordinary work they do everyday. The winners of the DAISY Award are truly an inspiration to their colleagues, their patients and families, their managers, and to myself. Watching the connections between nurse and patient/family while at the DAISY Award Presentation is so humbling and rewarding, it really is what the profession is all about. I love connecting the nurse and the patient once again and knowing that I have helped facilitate and create this special moment for them. Thank you DAISY Award Foundation!

Val Smith

“It's my chance to encourage others in the organization to use this exciting forum to recognize and celebrate the nurse who means so much to them.”

Margie Sipe, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

"Every day we have multiple opportunities to recognize nursing excellence but in our busy schedules and fast paced environments, we fail to do so. It is privilege to use the DAISY award to help us focus on this important aspect of our practice--celebrating nurses who provide compassionate, sensitive, and evidence based care to patients and families. It is a joy and a privilege to help orchestrate and support our DAISY award program here and to tell the story of its creation at each of our award ceremonies."

Donna Sherrill, RN, BSN, MM, NE-BC

“To me The DAISY Award is the most significant award granted to a nurse. It is the one recognition that exemplifies the true meaning of nursing which cannot be measured by technical skill or by formal education but by the true essence of nursing, the "thing" that makes a nurse so special, the reasons why a person decides to become a nurse the "thing" you cannot identify but you can feel.”

Rosemary Hoffman, RN

“Every awarding of the DAISY is special. I most enjoy the symbolism and global connection with the Healer's touch.”

Karen Delorenzo, RN, MSN, CHCR

“As a DAISY Coordinator it is an honor to help recognize the important work our nurses do each day, and the way they individually touch the lives of our patients' and their families.”

Ellen Pateman, MSN, RN, CNL

“I am proud to be a DAISY Honoree because it is validation of the work I do every day, work that sometimes goes unnoticed.”

Jody Lester, BSN

“I love having the tools and resources that DAISY gives me to recognize the extraordinary care that the nurses at Rutland Regional provide.”