Oanh Le

It's wonderful that our patient's family thanked us, but don't you agree that we get so much more out of taking care of them? We would like to thank them for allowing us to be so intimate in their family dynamics, showing us their sense of pride or rejection for the course they have endured or is about to go through. We thank them for showing us how mind boggling this so called life is. We learn so much from them. Each one of them has a story to tell us either with words or through total silence. Their physical being simply teach us some life lessons. For all these things through interactions with our clients, we thank them deeply for helping us to understand them a little more. We thank them for sharing their intimate stories with us. Most importantly, we thank them for trusting in our medical decisions and for entrusting in us to advocate for them.

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Registered Nurse
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Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center