Yvonne Alivio

Yvonne Alivio

Yvonne Alivio, RN III

Ukiah Valley Medical Center
Ukiah, California
United States

Yvonne Alivio – nomination quotes

“She is a nurse that I look up to and can only hope to one day be at least ¼ the nurse that she is.”

“She takes the time to genuinely get to know each and every patient and their families. She listens to their concerns with great compassion. “

“Yvonne is caring, compassionate and competent. She has integrity and is a team player.”

“She always gives 100%.”

“She is loved by her co-workers and respected by the Drs.”

“I feel like no matter what the night brings, if she is here, we can handle it.”

“She brings experience in clinical care nursing with knowledge, skills and professionalism.”