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Topic: Nominating a Nurse
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Nominating a Nurse
  1. Who can nominate a nurse?
    Anyone may submit a nomination - patients, patient family members, co-workers, physicians, staff - anyone who experiences or observes extraordinary compassionate care being provided to a patient by a nurse.
  2. How do I nominate my nurse?
    To nominate a nurse, click here, locate the organization where the nurse works, and complete the nomination form. Most organizations also have paper nomination forms on site. Once completed, your nomination will be sent to their on-site DAISY coordinator who will blind the nomination and present it to their committee for review.
  3. I don’t see the organization where my nurse works on the list, can I still nominate them for a DAISY Award?
    Sometimes the names or organizations may be challenging to differentiate or locate. If you do not see the facility where your nurse works on this list, please contact your regional team. Be sure to let them know the full name, city, and state of the organization. They'll let you know if we partner with the organization and can therefore facilitate your nomination.
  4. When will my nurse receive my nomination?
    It depends. The number of DAISY Awards a partner presents annually is based on the number of nurses the facility has on staff. For example, a large facility might present several DAISY Awards a month, while a small, rural hospital might present only one DAISY Award per year. Your nurse will be notified of your nomination based on the celebration frequency of his/her facility.
  5. Will I be notified when my nurse receives my nomination or The DAISY Award?
    Many of our healthcare partners will notify the nominator if the nurse they nominated is selected and invite you to the celebration if you provided your contact information. Not all facilities do this, so if you would like to be connected with the onsite DAISY Coordinator for more information, please reach out to your regional program team for assistance.  Please note that depending on the presentation schedule, this notification can take between a few weeks and a year.
For Organizations Interested in DAISY:
  1. I am interested in implementing DAISY at my facility. What are the next steps?
    It’s easy! Please complete this form and we’ll be in touch shortly.  
  2. What is the cost of The DAISY Award?
    It depends. Each location that partners with us decides on their annual schedule and how many DAISY Awards they will present. That number is based on how many nurses are on staff. For example, a large facility might present several a month, and others may only present once a year. The cost will be based on the number of Awards that is appropriate for your location. To receive a recommendation and quote, please complete this form and we’ll be in touch shortly.


For DAISY Honorees/ Recipients:
  1. I don’t see myself registered on the website, what can I do to be added?
    Your onsite DAISY Coordinator is in charge of ensuring you are registered with us. Please connect with them and ask to have you added to our website. If you aren’t sure who your Coordinator is, please email your regional team. Be sure to let them know the full name of your organization, along with the city and state so they can connect you with the correct person.
  2. I want to learn more about my benefits as an Honoree- how can I do that?
    Click here to see a full list of your benefits. Remember to check back often as we may have new opportunities available!
  3. I need a replacement pin or Healer’s Touch Sculpture, where can I order one?
    Click here to order a replacement pin or sculpture.


For DAISY Partner Organizations:
  1. I need more DAISY materials, where do I go?
    The Resource Center has everything you need to run your DAISY Program including nomination form templates, logos, graphics, and our order forms.
  2. I’m having trouble logging into the Resource Center. Who can help?
    Please email for assistance accessing the Resource Center.
  3. Who is my regional contact?
    Click here to find your contact by state.