William Winslett

William Winslett

William Winslett, RN

Heart Institute
Midland Memorial Hospital
Midland, Texas
United States

William Winslett is a registered nurse (RN) who practices in the Heart Institute Cath lab. William is being honored with the DAISY Award for going above and beyond for the patients and families he cares for.

In one particular situation, the nominator commended William for helping him calm down before his procedure. The patient stated that he was "scared to death" but after talking to William, he felt that he would be OK. William provided him a sense of peace and comfort during what he felt was a frightful situation. The patient praised William for the compassion he showed him. He also commended William for respecting his privacy and making sure he felt comfortable at all times.

William is described by his peers as being a sympathetic and empathetic nurse who always makes the comfort of his patients his first priority. They state that he is one of the most caring nurses they know. William often goes and visits patients days after their procedures to check on them. He does not do this because he is asked to, but because he truly cares about the patients. They commend him for contributing to a culture of ownership in his unit as well as for the entire organization. The team members of the Heart Institute state they are very fortunate to have William provide care for their cardiac patients. He is a great asset to the team.

Because of William's compassionate and caring efforts, his patients experience a level of care that exemplifies the impact nurses have in creating an environment where patients and families feel at home.