Veronica Aguilar
December 2016
Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital
Los Angeles
United States




Compassionate care and professionalism top the list of characteristics that I believe make Veronica a DAISY Nurse. It is almost laughable to think that something as banal as a suppository might be the best example of her compassion and professionalism. The doctor had ordered the suppository. She knew that it wasn't going to become very "close" during my stay in the hospital, as we would be sharing some very intimate (perhaps embarrassing) situations. It was the perfect way to ease any tension there might have been associated with this uncomfortable procedure! When Dr. T came in the day after surgery, he asked if I had the suppository and was surprised when I said yes. He mentioned that he had seen three other patients that morning and that I was the only one who had been given the suppository. He complimented the nurse (not knowing who she was) and said that I should tell her and her supervisor that she deserves an A+.
Veronica exemplified this same professionalism and compassion in every aspect of my care. She was careful and sure to follow the doctor's orders and give me a heads up and explanation for any that she thought might cause me concern. She was attentive, extremely helpful, and respectful of my limitations at the time. In addition, Veronica was exceptionally personable and accommodating to my family. She made sure they were comfortable, answered whatever questions she could, and if she didn't have an answer, said she would find someone with the answer. She laughed and played along with my crazy family and their silliness, all the while maintaining an air of professionalism. They all commented on how personable she was. She even came by at the end of her shift, knowing that she would not be there the next day, to say goodbye and give us all a hug. This simple gesture made all of us feel as though we were important to her, more than just a job.
So much of what makes Veronica an outstanding nurse is hard to put into words. Although my stay was short and my needs probably insignificant compared to some, Veronica still made me feel as though she was dedicated to giving the best care possible. She did a great job as a clinical nurse and was outstanding, caring, and compassionate. I can only imagine the care and compassion she must show to patients with greater needs!
In addition, I want to say that I am so very appreciative of all the care and personal attention I received while I was at UCLA, from the time of check-in to discharge. My family and I were so impressed with the organization and thoroughness of all the UCLA staff we encountered.