Velma Darby

Velma Darby, RN II, BSN, CPN

Surgical Neuroscience 7N
All Children's Hospital
St. Petersburg, Florida
United States

My little grandchild was throwing up two hours after each feeding since her Pyloric Stenosis procedure. I kept telling the different Nurses that she was congested and they would only listen to her chest, though I told many she was stuffed up and gagging on phlegm. When Velma came on duty I was frustrated and told her that the baby is stuffed up and if there was anything that could be done… like give the baby saline solution in her nose to loosen up the phlegm. Velma said she could use a machine they have for that along with saline. Indeed this was the issue, for after our Nurse Velma had done this process with suctioning the phlegm out of the baby’s' nose, baby was no longer gagging on the phlegm and able to hold down the two ounces of formula to meet the goal of her feedings in order to go home.