Vanessa Abi-Saab
May 2015
Emergency Department
Allegiance Health
United States




A young child presented to the Emergency Department in distress. The mother and father of the patient were understandably hysterical. While the rest of the Emergency team rushed to help the patient, Vanessa designated herself to the needs of the family. She explained what was happening to the family, giving them some comfort in a time of great need. Then, Vanessa offered to take the patient's sibling and sit with him so that the family could focus more on the needs of their ill child.

The family expressed their gratitude toward Vanessa during patient rounding. They stated she relieved a tremendous amount of stress for them during this event. The mother of the patient even gave Vanessa a long hug.

This is just one example of Vanessa's compassion and kindness. She continually impacts the lives of her patients and their family members. She is a wonderful asset to the Emergency Department team and is a great role model for all nurses.