Tracy Frost
November 2017
Intensive Care
SSM St Anthony Shawnee Hospital
United States




Tracy had a patient who shared a picture of herself when she was younger.  She told Tracy how pretty she felt before she became sick.  She started to cry because she didn't feel attractive anymore and that she felt old and worn out.  She had lost most of her hair and was very self-conscience about it. 

Of course, Tracy comforted the patient, but she couldn’t stop there.  Here comes Tracy to the rescue with a very pretty hat that was shiny with rhinestones.   The patient put that hat on and felt so beautiful.  She proudly wore it throughout her month-long hospital stay, she even slept in it.

Every team member who encountered this patient complimented her on how beautiful she was, and you could see the smile and pride return to this precious woman.   All because Tracy took the time to connect with her and take the simple act of kindness and turn it into something extraordinary.

Regardless if Tracy is exhausted or having a rough day, you will not see it on her face.  She is like a duck on a pond, no matter how hard she is working, all her patients will see is a calm, comforting smile and a tender touch.