Tina Rajabi
June 2018
UCLA Westwood
Los Angeles
United States




Tina was caring for a patient whose car was parked in a lot near the medical center. The patient had no family or friend who could move the car or check on it. Tina called the social worker for assistance and had to make multiple unsuccessful phone calls to try to find someone who could check on the patient's car. After her shift was over, Tina went to the parking lot where the patient's car was parked to check on it. Tina then called the night shift RN to give her the phone number to the parking lot so that the patient could call. This act of kindness meant that the patient could better participate in his care knowing that his car was safe. The RN who reported this to me said, "I was inspired by Tina's dedication to her patients and proud to be working alongside her. She is truly a great asset to 6W and to UCLA."