Timothy Kane
July 2016
Neuro Intensive Care Unit
University of Maryland Medical Center
United States




It is an honor and a pleasure for the Neuro ICU to nominate Tim Kane for the DAISY Award. Tim is a permanent night shift charge RN in the ICU and he demonstrates the art of caring through his compassion and empathy with every single interaction that he has with his patients, their families and with his coworkers. His compassion motivates him to go above and beyond to help alleviate the suffering of others. He does this with a respect and level of maturity that patients and families understand and respond too. Tim's motivation is only the desire to help others. The following is a true example of his kind-heartedness that took place during the blizzard this past winter.
As an out of town family member was sleeping in the visitor's room, they had their boots stolen. As you can imagine as the charge RN how mortified and embarrassed Tim was to have to hear about the situation. Tim could not live with this situation and could not imagine how this person felt. The following night when Tim returned he did so with a pair of new boots that he purchased to replace the stolen ones. Tim thought nothing of this other than he had the desire to help. The family was so impressed and appreciative that they in turn completed a "Thank You" card which was left for the manager to sign, and this is how she became aware of Tim's generosity and commitment to the caring for our patients. Tim's compassion motivates us all to do more to help others.