Tesheen Amerman
March 2018
Labor & Delivery
Baylor Scott & White - Centennial
United States




I came into Labor and Delivery on a Sunday.  Tesheen Amerman took us to our room.  Right away her calm demeanor made me feel so relaxed despite my onset of labor, contraction and 8 cm dilation.  She was the guiding light throughout my labor, extremely motherly and answering all our questions, fears and anxieties.  I could not have had such a smooth delivery without her.

Tesheen has the motherly instinct that makes one want to have faith in her.  I would have been extremely comfortable to the point that if she delivered me, I would have known I would have been fine.  She held me while I got my epidural and I felt so blessed and cared for at that moment as if it were my own family member or mom was with me.  That says a lot about a stranger you just met.  She was very collaborative with the doctors and other nurses and had great command and leadership of the situation.  I believe she also stayed longer after her shift ended.  The staff and Tehseen are so giving and a real blessing.