Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson, RN

Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix Campus
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

Terry is one of the best nurses that I have had since my son has been in the NICU since birth. She has given us a lot of comfort with being a long way from home. Being very young at 18, being out of high school and being away from home is difficult. When my boyfriend and I walk through those doors we always look forward to seeing Terry. Terry being there for me has been very great. When we feel lonely and want to go home she is there to comfort me in every way she can. The time I started feeding my baby I had a difficult time because he wouldn't finish the whole bottle but would get tired and finish with a feeding tube. One day he got a little too much and choked a bit, and that made me panic and I called for help. Since that day I felt scared to feed him and Terry was there to help me overcome that feeling of not wanting to feed my baby. She helped me understand that my baby needs me and to be strong for him. She has also given me more confidence in getting to know my baby better and know when he's hungry or when he wants to be loved. Helping me with swaddling him. She encourages me to Kangaroo with my baby to help him be strong, grow and stay healthy.

When I started breastfeeding she was there every time I latched him on to make sure he was getting enough to eat. Today I was glad that she was here to help me give my son his first bath and to show me how to wash him. She stood by me the whole time. I must say we have an emotional connection with my baby's nurse. We feel very safe and have no worries when she is there with me and my son. It breaks my heart that I won't see her for a while since she is going on vacation. My boyfriend and I got very emotional inside once she told us that she was going on vacation and won't be back for a couple weeks. When it was time for me to return to the Ronald McDonald House, I walked out the doors very sad, in tears and upset knowing when I go back tomorrow and the next few days she won't be there. She told me that soon my son could get discharged because of the outstanding progress that he has made.

Terry very much deserves this DAISY Award because she is the best role model to me and the other nurses. I am Navajo and my boyfriend is Navajo/Apache. We both as blessed to have such a wonderful nurse like Terry that very much encourages us to be strong every day for our baby boy.