Terry Allen

Terry Allen

Terry Allen, RN

Ortho Joint Unit
Miami Valley Hospital

Terry has served my mom and our family exceptionally well. He has not only taken time to answer all of our questions, but he has asked the doctor questions of his own based on the information we gave him. My mom has a pacemaker and her heart was out of rhythm during the night. He explained how pacemakers work, what their job is and why it may be happening.

I mentioned that during the night (Terry was our day nurse) my mom had some rectal bleeding from a hemorrhoid and that she had a bloody nose the day before. I then explained that years ago she had been hospitalized and nearly died from a bleeding perforation in the colon. Terry asked me for more details and notified the doctor of this important information right away. I had not thought to tell the doctor.

Terry is kind, compassionate and very, VERY knowledgeable. He took the time to share his knowledge with us. He is very deserving of any and all recognition as a top notch nurse!