Terrin Clark
June 2017
Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital
Los Angeles
United States




Dr. S had two advanced endoscopy cases in OR16/PRI scheduled in a row. There were both patients that were rolled over because there wasn't anesthesia available. We needed to bring the second patient down to the PTU, but they initially didn't have the staff to do it. Terrin volunteered to stay late to prepare the patient for our procedure. Her willingness to stay helped us a great deal since the consents from the previous day had some issues that she caught. We were able to re-consent for anesthesia via telephone. And Dr. S clarified all the information for the surgical consent. It was great to have her help - with her very positive "can do" and "teamwork". She's a great nurse - very comforting to a confused patient and to a concerned family member. Thank you, Terrin!
My daughter had both of her surgeries two months apart. We had the pleasure of having Terrin Clark as our nurse for separate matters during both our stays. She is very knowledgeable, informative, and attentive to my daughter's care. Her bedside manner is such a pleasure, especially when I'm extremely worried about my child. She made my daughter very comfortable and allowed her to trust her. I want to recognize Terrin for her extraordinary patient care and thank her for making our experience such a pleasure. Thank you, Terrin, for everything in the care of my daughter! Thank you!
There are moments in life when we receive dreadful news that we are not quite sure how to process or if family and friends would be nearby to comfort you in the hour of need. An employee from OR received several calls last week at work from her family. She was unable to respond to her calls but waited until she had a private place to have a telephone conversation with her family! The news that she received was life-altering and devastating. Her brother had lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and only had hours to live. She was emotional, upset and overwhelmed by the news. She mentioned it to Terrin when she came into the women's OR locker room and noted the OR employee was very upset. Terrin rendered a random act of kindness by simply caring and saying the right comforting words. In that moment it meant everything.
Later that same day, Terrin returned to the OR employee and stated, "I'm just checking on you and making sure you are OK." Terrin was unaware why she was upset. Even though the encounter was brief, the act of kindness left a long lasting impression for which the OR employee is thankful. She flew home to be at her brother's bedside. Though she did not know Terrin, the "PACU nurse with the southern accent" was undoubtedly her. Hearing human kindness for a patient at a time by improving health alleviating suffering and delivering suffering and delivering acts of kindness is kind of cliché but so true to what we do. What a wonderful random act of kindness that Terrin gave to her to comfort and touch the life of another human being.