Suzanne Curwood-Wagner

Suzanne Curwood-Wagner, RN

UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica
Santa Monica, California
United States

Suzanne recently cared for a neonate born extremely prematurely at 23 weeks gestation. He was incredibly fragile and critically ill. During a grueling shift, she worked tirelessly with quiet resolve - hanging drips and fluids, administering medications and blood products, drawing labs, assisting with numerous procedures - all while tenderly meeting the emotional needs of this patient's shocked and devastated parents. Although the patient needed near constant intervention and was surrounded by tubes, lines, and wires, she removed every barrier possible to ensure these parents could spend as much time as close to their child for as long as they could. The patient lived barely 18 hours. He knew so little of the world during his short life, but because of her, he did know two of the very best things this world has to offer: the comforting voice and touch of an adoring parent and the loving care of a dedicated nurse.