Suzanne Cain

Suzanne Cain

Suzanne Cain, RN, BSN

Melanoma Medical Oncology Research
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas
United States

A 19 year old father Suzanne cared for was really hoping to get his life on track after having made a few bad decisions. Although his life was cut short, he married his high school sweet heart on the palliative care unit, while Suzanne held their baby girl who was dressed to match dad and mom's colors of pastel green and pink.

This loss made Suzanne firm up for an even more determined fight. A day came that Suzanne will never forget, she had her first opportunity to see one of her patients cured from distant metastatic melanoma. This precious success is one Suzanne has seen only a few times, which is why she knows we must provide the best research nurse staff and continued new options.

Suzanne's mantra is very simple but eloquent, "Every day is a brand new day. Yesterday's troubles don't need my attention. I will be an encouragement today. I'd like to leave something positive behind in every life I touch today."