Susan Burke

Susan Burke, RN, BSN

Labor & Delivery
Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital
Katy, Texas
United States

Susan greeted me with a smile at 4 am to direct me from the ER to the L&D unit. Her calm demeanor immediately put me at ease. After introducing herself and helping me get settled, she asked what my plan was for the birth of my child. Her obvious passion and significant experience made it easy for her to be my advocate, as my Doctor was not on call. Susan made my experience peaceful, yet she supported me and gave me energy and excitement as I got closer to the end. She left her mark on my heart when she chose to stay an hour past shift change to see me through the delivery. Susan is the reason I was able to achieve a natural childbirth-she could assess my contractions and baby's position, then offered me suggestions(how to relieve pressure, breathe through contractions etc.)on how to make my experience better. Everything she did was compassionate, kind and selfless.