Surgical Unit at Beaumont Hospital - Trenton

Surgical Team

Surgical Unit at Beaumont Hospital - Trenton

Surgical Unit
Beaumont Hospital - Trenton
Trenton, Michigan
United States
Sara Kelly RN - Surgical Unit, Nicole Clawson RN - Surgical Unit, Jennifer Ledford RN - Assistant Clinical Manager Surgical Unit, Wendy Willis - SW, Case Management , Barb Law - Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Jody Porter - Chaplain, Amy Laubeck - Harpist, Renee Singer - Secretary, Teri Destrampe RN, Clinical Manager, Surgical Unit, Scott Sautter - Manager, Food & Nutrition Services

These three nurses initiated, planned, advocated and committed to help an end-of-life patient (stage 4 metastatic cancer) marry her fiancé with their young daughter present, all while being confined by the primary need to keep the bride/patient comfortable and safe as she left her room and went to the chapel to be married.  Volunteer harpist, Amy came to play for the event and refreshments were arranged by the unit secretary to create an atmosphere that would be as close as possible to the event that the couple had planned which was still 11+ weeks away.  The patient died shortly thereafter as the married woman/wife/mother that she wanted to be. 


At our Board of Director's meeting last week, we had the opportunity to hear about the impact that Beaumont Hospital staff, Sara Kelly, RN, Nurse Leader, Wendy Willis, Care Manager, Jody Porter, Chaplain, Nicole Clawson, RN, Staff Nurse, Barb, Radiology and Renee Singer, Unit Secretary, had on a patient and her family during what was undoubtedly a difficult time.  The note provided to us even mentioned efforts of the dietary department to ensure that food was provided for this special event.

While as Board members we are not exposed to actual patient care, we are humbled by hearing about the many exceptional actions of the staff who work diligently to provide great care to our patients and families.  Thank you for sharing your story.

Our sincerest appreciation to you and the Beaumont Hospital, Trenton staff for creating a patient and family-centered environment.  We appreciate your dedication to providing the best possible care to all who visit a Beaumont Health facility.