Sue Grannon

Sue Grannon

Sue Grannon, RN

Rehab Unit
Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center
Muskogee, Oklahoma
United States
Sue scolded me good all the while being respectful to me as a patient, veteran, and human.

Sue Grannon is one of the sweetest and most caring nurses I have experienced. She is extremely gentle when she changes the dressing on my legs. Her touch is ever so light, as if an angel wing brushed against my skin.

On one instance, she discovered a package of donuts, a candy bar, and a soda in my room. Being a diabetic and having an amputation, I really should not have these items. Sue scolded me good all the while being respectful to me as a patient, veteran, and human. She then explained to me why I should not have these things, and why it is not good practice to use my insulin as a counter balance to having sweets.

I also have severe dry skin issues and Sue makes sure that she takes the extra time from her duties to apply extra lotion to my skin which relieves the cracked feeling and itchiness. Sue really cares for her patients.

There is not a "note" that is more important than her veteran patients, whether they are assigned to her, or not. She goes above and beyond her duties to ensure patients are cared for and educated. Her touch is beyond explanation, ever so gentle, you can feel the care coming from her hands to your body. She meets the requirement of integrity by her touch and caring manner. Commitment by honoring the mission and vision of the truly caring for those whom she serves. Respect, by explaining procedures through her kind speech. She practices advocacy by focusing on what the veteran needs and why he or she needs it. As for excellence, Sue displays a quality in caring for her patients as well as those not directly assigned to her, she continues improvement by learning what each need is and acting upon them in an excellent way.