Stephanie Melvin
April 2016
Fifth Floor
Hardin Memorial Hospital
United States




While hospitalized at HMH recently, I was cared for by an angelic nurse named Stephanie Melvin.  I was seriously ill, having undergone four surgeries in one week and was in dire straits when nurse Stephanie took me in hand.  She cared for me during the roughest time of my illness, and was the rock that my family and I needed during this time.  Stephanie not only took excellent care of all my medical needs, but she prayed with me, laughed with me, and absolutely would not let me give in to despair. 

When my second emergency surgery was not successful, Stephanie was a force to be reckoned with and would not let me give up!  She made us all feel loved and cared for – my young daughters were certainly reassured by Stephanie’s presence, as were all my friends and loved ones during a couple of very long nights.  We still talk about Nurse Stephanie and how she pulled us all thru. 

Not only did she attend to my needs, but she never failed to ask if she could get anything for anyone else in the room.  In addition, when her long shift ended at 7am, not once did she ever leave then – but was usually found still checking in one last time with her patients before she left – long after 7am. 

Stephanie is a highly skilled nurse with compassion and a spirituality that exemplifies excellent nursing care.  I was blessed to have Stephanie as my nurse and HMH is fortunate to have her caring for the people of this community.