Stephanie Doty

Stephanie Doty

Stephanie Doty, RN, BSN, CCRN

UnityPoint Health -Trinity
Rock Island, Illinois
United States

Trinity ICU Nurses care with a whole heart. Stephanie gave all her knowledge, skills, judgement and leadership to save my husband. She worked with her whole heart. I am sure that a piece of her heart still hurts today because he passed away in February. Steph admitted my husband to the ICU in January with acute pancreatitis. She was the first ICU nurse on the Bettendorf Campus to care for him and she was the last nurse to talk to him before his heart stopped during intubation.

Her voice was a constant in his life during the time he spent in the ICU. Stephanie stayed calm when we would worry. She would laugh with us in his room when she came to his rescue with pain medication. Steph helped him acquire a bed to assist his needs, she called in specialists to get all the medical opinions he needed. She got him a room better sized for all the equipment needed for his care. She talked to his family like we were her own family.

My husband improved under the care of Steph. He was able to sing with headphones on with his IPhone. He even said a few sentences. Steph always kept me informed that he was not out of the woods, even though there was improvement. The "woods" darkened when he rapidly developed difficulty breathing. Steph calmly talked to me and we decided together that perhaps intubation for Bob might mean that would breathe more easily. Perhaps this would take the strain off him, so he could continue to improve and heal. She tried to be proactive to keep him with me. Stephanie was beside him during the intubation process, and when his heart stopped. She did not send another nurse to tell me, she came herself. We had spent so many hours together, she come once more to be honest with me.

My husband was transferred to Trinity in Rock Island. Steph came to see me there, but I missed her by a few minutes. It was her day off, but she tried to come see me. Steph cried, she cried so hard when his heart stopped. Trinity ICU nurses care. Steph cared the most about my husband. I cannot thing there is any other nurse that should get the DAISY Award any more than Steph. Se deserved it so much for how much she gave of herself to try and save the love of my life. She is and extraordinary nurse and person.