Stephanie Atwood-Purcell
April 2021
Long-Term Nurse Navigator
Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center - Jasper




Stephanie cares and the patients recognize that
Stephanie Atwood-Purcell has established relationships all across Memorial through her years of service with the organization and filling many different roles. When COVID-19 started rippling through our community, the organization decided we needed to set up a drive-thru external from existing departments. Stephanie stepped up and took our RN position to help start that department.
Stephanie finds ways of connecting with patients that are truly astounding. Although she only spends 5-10 minutes with each patient, she is able to make that connection and find out ways to help them beyond swabbing them for COVID. She eases their fears anytime the patient has a concern or is just anxious. Stephanie cares and the patients recognize that from the moment they interact with her. She shows genuine concern and that establishes almost an instant trust.
Stephanie's caring also extends beyond patient care. One of her co-workers had recently finished nursing school and had been studying diligently for his exam. Stephanie had taken the time to sit with him and go over review questions. She helped explain the rationale for questions that he needed help with. Stephanie even went as far as to drive him to his test in order to help ease his nerves. Stephanie has only known her co-worker for about 6 months, yet she took a personal interest in making sure he was successful. She made a difference in her co-worker's life and helped him achieve his nursing license.
Stephanie is a blessing to this organization, and it is a pleasure working with her.