Stacy Cox

Stacy Cox

Stacy Cox, RN

Carolinas HealthCare System - Lincoln
Lincolnton, North Carolina
United States

Stacy Cox always comes to work with a smile on her face and shows compassion to all staff and all patients. She is a compassionate nurse and always makes you smile or laugh. Stacy cares very much for the success of her patient's wellness and rehab. There are many WOW moments, but there is one that stands out above them all.

There was a patient that was here with hip pain and weakness, who cares for her husband at home by herself. The patient was so concerned about her husband that she was having issues with high blood pressure and wasn't able to concentrate on her own recovery. Stacy worked at Abernathy and knew it was a place that did respite care and took it upon herself to call and speak to someone about maybe having the husband stay there during the patients hospital stay. Stacy was able to provide the patient with this information and that gave the patient an ease of mind to focus on herself.

Stacy demonstrated not only compassion as a nurse but also provided the patient with an advocate to seek help for her husband. I rounded on the patient and she told me about how wonderful Stacy had been to her and how she felt comforted that her husband was taken care of and she could start her own rehab to become stronger for him.