Stacie Foutty

Stacie Foutty

Stacie Foutty, RN

Pediatric ED
Cape Fear Valley Health System
Fayetteville, North Carolina
United States

I have had the opportunity on numerous occasions to work with Stacie and she continuously impresses me with her knowledge and compassion. Stacie takes the time to do those little extra things that make a huge difference to our patients. She always walks a patient/family to where they need to go or if unavailable finds someone who is available and requests assistance.

Recently, when I was assisting with a very sick patient, Stacie was the primary nurse. When she walked out to get a medication for the patient, a family member told me that Stacie sat with them and explained everything that was going on. Stacie also explained the role of each person and their name. The family member said to me "Stacie had tears in her eyes for my family member." She may have thought that it was just her job but to the family it meant so much more.

Stacie advocates for her patients and families. It is truly an honor to work with such an extraordinary nurse.