May 2010
General Surgery
Los Angeles
United States




1.) Sima Amjadian, 8W
“There are so many team members here at UCLA health System that are so deserving of the Daisy Award. Everyone that came in touch with my husband or our son were all so caring. This was an excellent experience. One of the RN's especially touched both my husband and I. That was Sima. She demonstrated her passion with her excellent skills. Her attention to detail was amazing that she made the family feel that he was certainly in good hands. She has a direct way of explaining the how, what, why things will happen. She was aggressive getting questions asked about my husband’s IBS and getting answers to help reveal the pain he had. She was on top of her game. Her continuous concern on making me comfortable was exceptional as well. You are fortunate to have Sima on your team. We would like to thank Sima for all that she has done. She will be in our thoughts over and over day after day for the wonderful caring RN she is.”
—Nominated and written by Celeste G., family member of patient

“I met Sima on Sunday, when I was discharged from ICU after 6 days and 5 nights staying in the ICU. Unlike many nurses I met at the ICU. Sima was one dedicated nurse who seems to have been born to be a nurse. She is nice, sweet, very knowledgeable, but strict as well. She knows when to rebuke patients and patients' family members from the bottom of her love and caring heart. She knew what I needed before I asked for anything as if she was able to read my mind. She was brave enough to "kick me" out of bed to regain strength in my legs again. She scolded my brother who forgot to take care of himself because he was taking of me for three days. She not only cared for me and my family because it's her job, she always took extra care to truly wishing all will go smoothly and nicely. She is a nurse who knows to listen to the patient with respect. She is a nurse who prays for her patients and families. She only knows doing her best to serve. She would never settle for mediocrity. She always asks what she can do to make us feel better and physically better. I have never met such a sweet and caring nurse before and I doubt I might not be able to. I want her to be recognized for her excellent love and care that is beyond her job description to encourage other nurses to be a bit like her day by day. I thank God for sending her to me. You should be proud that she is one of yours. I only wish if my words could be stronger to show what she has done, it would have been great. PS: My words come too short of what she has done and provided physically, emotionally, and psychologically.”
—Nominated and written by Inhee K., patient

“Sima is not only an excellent nurse; she is compassionate and helped me through a very difficult hospital stay. She has empathy and it comes across to patients. She deserves many awards.”
—Nominated and written by Vivian R., patient

“More than any one thing, her overall care was outstanding! She clearly was a very caring person who attended to all my needs.”
—Nominated and written by Francine L., patient

“Sima is wonderful and special. She is very caring and a very professional nurse. She is very experienced and very compassionate. She is an angel that makes her patients feel good and their families are grateful and at peace knowing she is taking care of their loved ones. My family is very thankful to Sima.”
—Nominated and written by Lola K., family member of patient