Shevonne Ley

Shae Ley

Shevonne Ley, RN

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital
St. Petersburg , Florida
United States
I knew that Shae cared about my child as if she were her own.

From the minute Shae Ley walked in the door she honed in on her patient, assessed the situation, and committed herself to connect with my little girl. My daughter’s diagnosis and the resulting treatment have left her somewhat fearful of new people. Shae almost instantaneously connected with her. Before Shae left our room, for the first time my daughter was waving and saying goodbye. I knew that she cared about my child as if she were her own. Not only was Shae an advocate for her patient, but I believe that within three days my daughter looked at her as a friend.


Shevonne has been with JHACH since November 2017 and is a member of the R.N. residency program cohort 20. She provides quality nursing care to all her patients. We are very proud of her accomplishments and we thank her for her dedication to our patients.

Congratulations, Shae, and thank you for providing exemplary family-centered care.