Sharona Attar
June 2018
Medical Procedure Unit
Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital
Los Angeles
United States




My colonoscopy was scheduled for 8 am. My daughter who lives with me (along with my two grandsons) was the designated driver to bring me home. I took Uber to get to the hospital since my daughter needed to take my two grandsons to school before she came to the hospital. She called the Medical Procedure Unit at 6:30 am and spoke to Sharona letting her know she would be at the hospital by 7:40 am. Sharona let the sign-in desk know, which made my registration proceed without any problems. By 7:36 am I was being prepared for the colonoscopy. The first nurse recognized me from previous colonoscopies, but she could not get the line in after two tries. That's when "my angel" Sharona was called to my bedside and was successful in getting the line in. I have what is called "white coat syndrome" and my blood pressure was once again over the top. Sharona was so compassionate and calmed me down. I always get nervous before surgery and had tears streaming down from my eyes. Sharona had the extraordinary clinical skill to make me feel so much better! I am very sensitive to all meds, so when it was suggested to take Ativan (by doctors) the night before and day of next colonoscopy, I totally disagreed - the Propofol calmed me down and my blood pressure was fine after the procedure. I have had lots of psychological help and have learned to have feelings and let them out. All my operations have been at UCLA and I cannot say enough to praise Sharona. I will never forget the selfless way she stepped up and brought a smile to my teary face! God bless her forever.