Sharla Abbott
November 2023
Mosaic Medical Center - Maryville
United States




Sharla has been a Godsend to help us keep mom's prescriptions current and I don't know what we would have done without her.

Sharla has always taken the best possible care of my family, but she has gone way above and beyond for us lately. My mom ended up with a compression fracture in her spine. This has been a tough road for mom and even tougher for her family to watch. She is in pain most of the time and is struggling to keep it under control. Sharla has been a Godsend to help us keep mom's prescriptions current and I don't know what we would have done without her.

When we first were prescribed the C2 pain med, Sharla was instrumental in finding out that our usual pharmacy didn't carry this med and that we would have to purchase them from another place. Sharla let me know the price, the quantity we would get and that they were ready to pick up.

Mom isn't the best to remember to tell me when she needs a refill. One day she texted me and said “I have two pain pills left. Can you get more?” Well, I was very frustrated with mom but sent a message to Sharla that mom only had two more pills and we would need a refill today. I did let Sharla know how embarrassed I was about this. Being a pharmacist, I know that you need to give your provider more notice to refill any Rx, let alone a C2. But, Sharla, being the rock star that she is, was able to get mom more pills that very day. Our doctor was out of the office, and Sharla went above and beyond to get another physician to sign and send mom’s Rx to the pharmacy. I truly do not know what we would have done without these pills.

A few weeks later, we had an office visit with our doctor. The C2 pain meds we needed were entered into Cerner. We thought they were routed to the proper pharmacy and that we were all set. I went to get the pills on a Friday afternoon, and the Rx that had been sent on Thursday hadn't transferred properly. I phoned Sharla to ask about it. Our doctor was gone for the weekend and wouldn't return till Wednesday. Sharla contacted the doctor at home, who then sent another Rx. This one did not go through either. Sharla once again had to get another physician to sign the Rx. As Sharla didn't trust Cerner at this point, she delivered the signed paper Rx directly to the pharmacy for us on her own time.

This is a caregiver who truly goes above and beyond. And I’m sure she treats all her patients this same way. Sharla is absolutely a phenomenal nurse and is so very caring and accommodating to our family. She makes sure to keep us posted on any progress and updates. Mom is now scheduled for a kyphoplasty, and Sharla made this happen. Sharla also made sure that the appointment was on my day off so that I could be with mom and dad during the procedure. We are so blessed to have Sharla in our lives!