Seunghi Yun

Seunghi Yun

Seunghi Yun, RN, BSN, CAPA

Adventist HealthCare - Shady Grove Medical Center
Rockville, Maryland
United States
Just as I had mentored my police officers, my nurse, Seunghi, treated me as if I was the only person she had to assist.

I met my wonderful nurse Seunghi when I was in the pre-surgery unit at SGH. She warmly introduced herself to me and then fully informed me of the process and timeline of my visit. She confirmed all my personal information, my name and reason for my visit and then confirmed which body part (right knee) was being operated on. Seunghi did all this in a very professional, yet gentle and kind manner.

For example, she used good humor when confirming that I had not eaten prior to the surgery by asking "So how was your wonderful breakfast this morning?" She made me feel safe. After she reviewed all my vital signs and information, she first complimented me on my overall fitness, before gently reminding me of the need to lose weight. I took the advice as it was offered – with kindness and a true concern for my future health. Seunghi and I spoke more about it and she shared with me a written plan that she had given her husband.

As a retired Chief of Police, I understand the importance of providing a personal touch to the many "routine" contacts that both police and health care providers deal with on a daily basis. Just as I had mentored my police officers, my nurse, Seunghi, treated me as if I was the only person she had to assist.


My adult daughter was the patient. She was there for a lithotripsy. This was not her first surgical experience, nor was it mine. Each of us have had multiple surgical procedures at Shady Grove and other institutions. Additionally, I am a nurse-midwife. I cannot speak highly enough of the care my daughter received from Seunghi Yun. We both found her to be kind, funny, spiritual, caring, intelligent and informative. An exemplary nursing professional. I have been a nurse for almost 30 years and a nurse-midwife for almost 25 years and I learned things listening to her conversation with my daughter.

In addition to her clinical expertise, she was sensitive to apprehension experienced in this stressful setting. If any family member needs surgery in the future, I would hope we would be fortunate enough to have Seunghi as our pre-op RN.


Seunghi's sense of humor lightened the pre-op atmosphere. She taught us so many things in the short time my husband was under her care:

How to breathe after he wakes up - I've had a ½ dozen surgeries and was never taught that!

How he can strengthen his thigh muscles. She had him practice right on the spot!

She lowered the lights to allow him to snooze. Time went by so quickly. She sang to him as she applied the anti-MRSA meds. Wow! Such a caring and competent nurse. Truly a gift.