Sarah Kitchen

Sarah Kitchen

Sarah Kitchen, BSN, RN

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Wolfson Children's Hospital
Jacksonville, Florida
United States
Sarah made sure that we had all the time we needed with her afterword and made sure that we were as comfortable as could be.

A year ago, I had a daughter that was a patient in the PICU. When admitted, she was only 3 months old. She stole the hearts of many of staff members. One day, I walked in and Sarah Kitchen happened to be her nurse that day. I knew she was different without her even saying a word. She had an infectious smile and at the time it was what we both needed.

My daughter kept getting bounced back and forth from the 6th floor to the PICU. On the 3rd trip, they decided to keep her in the PICU until she was able to go home. When I found out about her staying put for a while, I knew I needed Sarah with her full-time. Sarah was able to explain to me what the doctors were saying, but in a language that I was able to understand. She always made sure that my daughter had exactly what she needed and was getting the attention she deserved. However, she just didn’t take care of my daughter. She took care of me too.

During the daytime, I generally had to visit by myself, without my family or friends. Sarah became that for me. My daughter had a lot of bad days. On those days, when I was alone, Sarah was my person to go to. After a very long and hard 2 month stay, it was decided that there was not anything left that could be done for my sweet girl. I made sure to ask all the doctors of their opinion, but I also made sure to get Sarah’s.

When the time came to pull her off the machines my husband and I only had a select few in the room with us. We did not think twice about making sure Sarah was in the room that day. As the seconds and minutes passed that day, so did our sweet girl. Sarah made sure that we had all the time we needed with her afterword and made sure that we were as comfortable as could be. When the time came to take her away, Sarah was in pain with us. It didn’t stop there.

When the time came to bury our sweet girl, Sarah was also there. You see while Sarah’s technical title is a PICU Nurse, for my daughter, my family, and me she was much more than that. She gave my daughter love when I couldn’t, she gave me strength when I needed it, and she gave me a shoulder when no one else was able to. So, Sarah’s title to me will always be a friend.

Sarah, we thank you for sharing your many gifts with us at Wolfson; congratulations, you make us proud!