Sara McMillan

Sara McMillan

Sara McMillan, RN

Intermediate Special Care Unit
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, New Hampshire
United States

Fondly referred to as the “General,” by her colleague, ISCU nurse Sara McMillan became the May recipient of The DAISY Award.

“When reading the bullets of what the Daisy Award is about, every single one of the criteria describes one nurse in so many peoples’ minds … including my own: Sara Mac,”

For her nominator, “Sara IS Nursing.” As a preceptor, she “leads by example and teaches lessons that cannot be found anywhere else.” She recalled the end of life care McMillan gave to a particular patient that had been in the ISCU for three months “was full of compassion, heart, and emotion. She gave her all to him, every shift,” and added, “just as she does for every patient.”

“I learned from Sara that being truly engaged with patients and families, especially during more challenging situations, brings the joy that truly feeds your professional heart and soul. Sara is an exquisite role model in learning to appreciate the wonderful gifts inherent in our day-to-day work,” said a former supervisor of McMillan’s when she worked in the ICCU.