Sandi Dunaway

Sandi Dunaway

Sandi Dunaway, RN

St. Francis Hospital (GA)
Columbus, Georgia
United States

Sandi Dunaway, Nurse Resident 3N, is a perfect example of what a DAISY nurse should be. Several times last week, patients and family members could not stop talking about the service and care Sandi provided. To be more specific, they said she was "the best nurse they ever had. Exceptional. Perfect example of a perfect nurse. Caring and pro-active. Sweet, kind and patient. Keeps a smile and positive spirit regardless of how many directions she is pulled in. Gave us hope when we thought all hope was lost. Advocate".

I hope by now you are smiling as you read this. Fortunately, I was able to witness her in action, and all of the things said were true, she is truly awesome and she consistently goes above and beyond!

She is a "take action" kind of person and a true advocate for not only our patients and families, but for her peers as well. I feel this says a great deal about Sandi's character and it makes me proud to know she is a part of the SF family. She is a true team player.