Ryanne Inglett

Ryanne Inglett, RN

9 Center Medical/Surgical
Mayo Clinic Health System: Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse
La Crosse, Wisconsin
United States

My mother was in a room on 9th and had a new roommate arrive about 9 p.m. They proceeded to get her roommate set up and comfortable then about 9:40 her doctor stopped to check on her. She was experiencing pain and discomfort. Her doctor proceeded to say they sent a biopsy to Rochester after he had done her surgery that morning but felt that maybe he should have done a full removal because that is what was causing her pain at the moment, he paused, and she replied "I have cancer?" He explained until the biopsy comes back he could not be sure, or what type or give her other details. Her husband had gone home already; no children were with her, my heart felt so much pain for her.

Her nurse came in and sat with her, comforting this poor woman who just found out she may have cancer. The nurse proceeded to tell her she would do everything she could to get her a private room but the floor was full. She told her more people overcome cancer than we realize, and we often only see and hear of those who do not.

The next morning brought her more questions and decisions when her husband showed up. This nurse needed to finish her rounds and told her she would be back ASAP. Maybe 45 minutes later she was back informing her that she had gotten her a private room and again she sat consoling her as she wept. I have never realized how much compassion it takes to be a nurse. She was very comforting, a great listener, and very positive. The time she spent consoling a woman who was given devastating news all alone, Ryanne's was the only shoulder available. I was there with my mother wishing I could help console her roommate. Life is so short sometimes, and yet alone she lay with the most awesome nurse one could ask for comforting her, Ryanne Inglett.

This puts heaviness in my heart today as I nominate Ryanne Inglett for the DAISY Award, a shining star with Mayo Healthcare. Today I found her (roommate) obituary in the newspaper, as sad as my heart feels for a stranger, only a first name on her white board. Bless you Ryanne for going above and beyond the call of duty, for being comforting, loving, compassionate. Thank you for being you.