Rose Healy
May 2022
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




Rose was repeatedly described as an “authentic and inspiring leader, and a valued mentor."
Throughout her career and as the subject matter expert in diabetes, Rose has promoted a positive image of professional nursing and is well-recognized as a leader in nursing practice across the healthcare system. She is an inspirational example of the impact of specialty nursing on standards of care to improve outcomes and enhance patient quality of life. Rose is an exemplary role model for nursing staff and a compassionate advocate and teacher for patients and families.


Rose engenders a spirit of collaboration across disciplines that has facilitated the establishment and implementation of protocols and guidelines vital to safe patient management. She has been instrumental in countless initiatives directed at meeting educational needs to avoid significant adverse events, medication errors, and rehospitalization. An education program led by Rose reduced the readmission rate of patients for the liver service by 30%. She also initiated the Apple Project which has become standard practice at UCLA.


In preparing this nomination, Rose was repeatedly described as an “authentic and inspiring leader, and a valued mentor.” As a committed and dedicated clinician, she has made an immeasurable difference in the lives of countless patients and families. As a transformational leader, she models an inspiring career pathway. By fostering inter-professional collaborations and embracing the principles of evidence-based practice, she represents an empowering force for practice change in diabetes care and in nursing practice.


Rose has made a uniquely impressionable impact on all who meet and work with her. She is much revered in the medical center, and by her friends and family; being often referred to as ‘Mother Rose’! These words of a colleague and Unit Director were echoed by many:

Her incredible smile just makes you feel like everything is ok. She has a special way of connecting with every individual she comes across.


Several of us have had the honor of working with Rose for many years. Support for the nomination of Rose Healy for the DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award was unanimous and is offered with pride. In another colleague's words: “Finally, Rose is a ‘gem'.”