Rebecca Faulks
July 2020
Cardiac Step Down Unit
Massachusetts General Hospital
United States




I am the endlessly devoted wife of a patient here at Mass General. We have been here, as of today, 40 days in the hospital uncertain of when we can leave. A very scary and stressful situation. My husband is dealing with a multitude of health issues. One of which is a stroke.

We are devastated by not only the life-threatening health issue but also extremely upset and concerned with walking again, speaking, eating, drinking and using the bathroom on his own. This is a man on the police force for 36 years. A runner, hiker, and a daily gym attendee. This has been devastating.

While we have had the privilege of many excellent nurses, and I am truly grateful for them, one registered nurse stands out and brings not only healing and help to my husband. Becca Faulks brings tremendous peace to both my husband and I. I will not leave Boston without my husband. When Becca is here, I see my husband look better, feel better, and try harder. She always is certain to push him toward independence. She has restored some of his pride and dignity.

Becca always reminds him to "do it yourself"; always showing tenderness and care. Becca has been so concerned and kind to me. Allowing me to help and reminding me to eat and rest. I am all alone in the city and am very unfamiliar with a walk into the hospital every day. It causes me to tremor and worry. When I enter my husband's room and see Becca is there, my stress level settles down and I look forward to the day of healing.

Becca always keeps his hygiene fresh and clean. She goes above and beyond to check and rebandage his tracheotomy, as well as his incisions and a very painful wound on his tailbone. She took notice of a new wound caused by his tracheotomy. She immediately called respiratorily and asked that they order a different trach; one that would not dig into his clavicle bone - causing yet another health issue.

This was a Friday. Becca wanted to be sure it did not go another day further. This is just a small example of how Becca operates. She truly puts her heart and soul into healing. We have many challenges ahead; having Becca with us seems to bring us hope and strength. Becca is not only a gifted and talented nurse, she has made our world a better place during this very, very upsetting time.