Rebecca Derr-Blush

Rebecca Derr-Blush, RN

Cox Medical Center Branson
Branson, Missouri
United States

Rebecca Derr-Blush, RN, BSN, has recently been awarded a DAISY award for providing extraordinary care for a patient and the patient's family. Derr-Blush was nominated by Steven Barnett, assistant nurse manager in the emergency department. In the nomination letter, Barnett explained that during a recent shift, he witnessed Derr-Blush exemplify "exceptional care, thoughtfulness and follow through."

Barnett explained that EMS had brought in a 3-year-old patient who was lethargic; however in reality the child had been given a nighttime cold medicine for fever. Derr-Blush, who identified that the patient's mother was not intending to harm the child, followed up with appropriate steps and filed a formal report with the Division of Family Services to obtain services for the family and insure that the patient would be safe in her mother's care.

"Becky could have stopped with the mandated report but instead, using her own money, obtained ibuprofen and Tylenol for the patient to use at home," Barnett reported. "She also, in a hectic department, took the time to educate the mother on proper administration of the medication to her child. I am very proud to work with Becky. She is thoughtful, insightful and compassionate. She is a great example of a nurse and one we could all strive to model ourselves after."

"While Becky could have simply stopped after filing the report, she didn't," said Lynne Yaggy, MSN, RN, chief nursing officer and VP clinical services. "Becky went above and beyond when she spent her own money to purchase appropriate medicine for the child and then took the extra time to ensure the mother understood how to properly treat a fever. At Cox Medical Center Branson, our nursing staff is exceptional, caring and skilled so it is wonderful when someone from our own staff recognizes a co-worker for giving extraordinary care."