Rebecca Amrany

Rebecca Amrany, RN

Los Angeles, California
United States

Rebecca Amrany- Pediatrics

Rebecca was an amazing nurse for so many reasons; however, one situation I can personally attest to comes to mind. She was covering our pediatric ortho patients and one child had to undergo a biopsy for a rule-out tumor. The biopsy results were not good and we underwent a plan to break the news to the patient's family in the best way possible. Rebecca was so amazing with the child and his family and truly serves as a role model for other nurses in their role in a medical team in breaking bad news. She was tremendously helpful to me with the initial encounter and also followed up with mom and dad to make sure that everyone knew they had people to talk to, cry to, and people were always around. Rebecca truly orchestrated the organization of the care team. Surgeons forget that the true rough period for parents and patients begins after we've said our part and it's the nurses who are left to pick up the pieces. Nurses like Rebecca make UCLA the place that it is because of her ability to seamlessly do this. I feel honored to have had an opportunity to work with her so often and am happy for my patients as well.
Nominated by a UCLA Physician