Randal Lawrence
December 2017
Intermediate Care Unit
Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital
Los Angeles
United States




I would like to nominate Randy Lawrence for a DAISY Award. Aside from truly embodying the UCLA Vision of healing humankind one patient at a time by improving health, alleviating suffering, and delivering acts of kindness consistently.
Recently, he had a patient who had lice. He had received treatment the day before but because he had long hair and a beard, the treatment did not work. Randy and his Charge RN provided the patient with a spa type treatment, cutting his hair, providing a shower, and providing another lice treatment. The patient advised he felt like a new person! Unfortunately, due to the lice infestation, Randy had to bag and destroy the patient's clothes. He contacted the social worker to get him some replacement clothes to go home with. His patient was over 350 pounds, so he asked for as big of clothes as possible. When the social worker brought the largest sweatshirt she had, he was barely able to get it on. Unfortunately, the Social Worker did not have any pants to give him and the hospital pants barely went above his knees. After becoming frustrated with the ill-fitting clothes, the patient wanted his own clothes back to go home in. It was at that moment that Randy had an opportunity for an act of kindness for the patient.
On his way home, Randy stopped by Marshall's and bought him 3XL clothes for him to go home with. He purchased two pairs of underwear, two pants, two tops, and some socks. Randy brought the clothes to the patient, but since he was sleeping, he left them on the patient's bedside table with a note wishing him well. While working a few days later, Randy received a phone call from the patient. The patient expressed how grateful he was for clothes that actually fit. The patient said, "it felt like Christmas morning with my gifts waiting for me on the table when I woke up!" With his hair cut and the fresh clothes, he felt like a new person. The patient went further on to explain that he had a fresh start and the motivation to make positive changes he needed in his life, including losing weight.
This is but one of many stories for Randy, in which he embodies the UCLA Vision and Values on a daily basis, but truly goes above and beyond to ensure that all of his patients receive exceptional and individualized care, regardless of their experiences outside of the hospital. He does this quietly from the bottom of his heart, as his reward is the impact that he makes on their lives.